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Change Your Handwriting, Change Your Life

...by Bart A. Bagget



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Change Your Handwriting, Change Your Life:

Change Your Life in 30 Days Grapho-Therapy Journal .

Thhe fastest way to rewire your brain is by changing your handwriting.

In just 10 Minutes A Day, you can feel a transformation from the inside out. Graphotherapy is the method.


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"In less than a month after changing my handwriting the way Bart suggested, things started to happen. I got rid of an abusive boyfriend, got better grades, and met my fiance. That was six years ago. The changes have helped me accomplish two degrees and a wonderful relationship. As a bonus, it was easy."
- Christian Chrane, Dallas, TX   


The concept of understanding human personality from someone's handwriting is beginning to be accepted worldwide as valid. One psychological aspect of handwriting not so well understood is using handwriting to assist someone in personal change.

The concept of change your handwriting, change your life is very powerful. It is called grapho-therapy. Bart Baggett incorporates many methods of brain-changing tips into this journal. Neuro-conditioning through handwriting is an excellent way to make changes stick. Grapho-therapy is now being used worldwide for adults and children to change lives.

This book is an easy self-paced tool to utilize this handwriting change technique.

This student changed her habit of being late
- now she's always on time!

To assist in achieving your goals, Bart Baggett designed a workbook to guide you in your quest for personal change through the power of journaling and graphotherapy.

The response has been incredible. Seminar participants love the structure, insight, and daily activity that the workbook provides. You get the same personal attention through Bart's 45 minute audio mp3 file, instantly available via the internet.

You can actually see the changes happen from your own hand!

Each day, you feel the difference as you analyze your life in all areas. The current workbook has been modified for use without a live instructor. Bart has condensed the most pertinent information from the all-day seminar into one audio file explaining why grapho-therapy works and how to use the workbook. This is one of the true breakthroughs of Bart's career and this program is currently the only place he addresses this important topic.

You can achieve quick, permanent, and specific personality changes in 30 days!

You can easily raise self-esteem, eliminate being sensitive to criticism, overcome self-consciousness,
develop trust, increase sex drive, overcome fear of success, and many more just by a sleight of the hand!

Click here to view a sample page from the 30 Day Workbook.

This workbook uses normal college ruler-sized paper, so it is appropriate for anyone older than 12 years old who already knows how to write cursive. For kids under 12, we suggest the Kids' Version.

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The author recommends you own a Grapho-Deck or the Handwriting 101 Course to hep you choose which handwriting traits to change. This is a journal and NOT an instructional book. If you are not under the direct supervision of a Handwriting University trained grapho-therapy instructor, the knowledge inside the Handwriting 101 course or the Grapho-Deck will help you decide which of the handwriting traits you want to change. You will be more effective if you choose the best traits to change, based on a professional's insight. You are asked to choose three specific letters to work on during the 30 day journal

Here is an excerpt from the back cover:

You are holding in your hands one of the most powerful tools ever created to assist you in achieving your dreams. This workbook is the culmination of years of research and development in the field of handwriting analysis, neuro-linguistic programming, & grapho-therapy. When you complete this course, your life will forever be altered in a positive and powerful way.

The reason grapho-therapy is so powerful is that it actually trains your brain and directly affects your unconscious mind. The only way it can truly affect your unconscious mind on a long-term basis is by integrating the knowledge into your body and mind through the nervous system from your fingers to your brain.

This workbook is specifically designed to be completed over a period of 30 consecutive days. Before you start, commit to spending 5-15 minutes per day doing these daily handwriting exercises.

In a most basic language, “Grapho-Therapy” means change your handwriting, change your life! It is the science of improving your personality by making conscious changes to your letter formations in your handwriting. Professionally-applied, Grapho-Therapy can correct your worst faults and strengthen your character by simply changing how you write.

Human handwriting is referred to as “brain-writing”, because the source of the individualization of handwriting comes directly from the brain, not the hand.

Grapho-Therapy originally grew from the logic that because handwriting is a subconscious act, it provides the most direct route back to the subconscious -- that mysterious force which runs each of us. The good news is that part of your mind is also highly susceptible to suggestion. When we voluntarily decide to change a stroke in our handwriting through repetitive exercise, we are actually affecting the corresponding character based on the neuro-pathways the thought is traveling along.

Based on neuroscience, we are physically altering the specific neuro-pathway inside your brain.

If we persist, a new pathway is formed; thus the old thought pattern begins to atrophy and the new thought pattern takes over. Remarkable results occur! Just as the subconscious mind affects
handwriting, handwriting can be used to affect the subconscious mind.

Our handwriting can reinforce our bad habits or we can choose to use it to modify or even eliminate them. Grapho-Therapy combines the principles of neurology and the psychology of handwriting analysis to create a powerful and effective method for changing your life. Use this book for yourself and give one as a gift to someone you care about. Finishing this 30 day journal is the best investment you could possibly make in yourself. Start it. Enjoy it. Complete it. Celebrate.

Watch your world change around you. The secret to manifesting everything you want is already inside you...discover it inside these pages.


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