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February 2004



Dear Reader,

I came across this newspaper article that ran on Valentine's Day in a newspaper here in the United States.

I am sharing it with you because this week of every year makes us think about our "love life" in a new way.

The article talks about why handwriting analysis is the perfect tool give insight into your current lover or an
ideal screening tool before choose your next long term relationship! What's more, a great gift for your
for yourself or your partner would be the "relationships book" that is all about love and compatibility: "The
Secrets to Making Love Happen." You can download a copy today, right now, for just ten bucks ($10.)


Happy Valentines Day,


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Find the Perfect Valentine With The Stroke of the Pen

'Lover's Handwriting Analysis Self-Test' reveals compatibility of potential mates

Written by Leann Garms

Anyone can unlock the secret to finding their true love using handwriting analysis, according to Bart Baggett, author, handwriting analyst, and President of HandwritingUniversity.com.

Baggett, one of the nation's leading handwriting experts and author of The Secrets To Making Love Happen! (Empresse Publishing, $15.95, 309-694-0014) says that the stroke, slant and depth of a person's handwriting indicates with amazing accuracy personality traits such as honesty, stubborness, jealousy, dominance, and even violent tendencies.

'It's a great tool for weeding out losers and finding someone who is truly compatible with your personality,' says Baggett. 'Handwriting is really brain-writing, projecting the unconscious personality on paper.' Just in time for Valentine's Day, Baggett is offering a free online 'Handwriting Lover's Compatibility Self-Test' at http://myhandwriting.com/analyze/hlltrt5.html

Just follow the images on the screen and see if your mate has any of the five "hell traits" he discusses in his book. You can even look at the other self test to test your Sensual Compatibility.

'Considering the current divorce rate of over 50 percent, getting clues about a person's character should be a prerequisite to any relationship,' says Baggett. He goes on, 'Dating without using handwriting analysis is like playing poker with your eyes closed. You might draw a losing hand or a winning hand... but you won't know the difference.'

As Valentine's Day approaches those looking to find the perfect mate should heed Baggett's advice. 'Handwriting analysis can help you instantly identify undesirable traits, like dishonesty and jealousy, and keep you from wasting time on a relationship that is doomed from the start,' said Baggett.

Stan Levin, 55, a Washington DC resident and student of HandwritingUniversity.com's handwriting Certification Course, swears by the accuracy of handwriting.

'Every time I doubted the 'red flags' that were revealed in a new girlfriend's handwriting, I paid the price,' said Levin.
'The hidden 'hell traits' came back to bite me every time. I don't care how beautiful she is, if her handwriting
doesn't pass Bart's ten-point test, I can't date her.'

It can also help you find the traits you do want in your mate, like flexibility, open-mindedness, generosity, and perhaps even a big sex drive.

Baggett, offers the following examples of clues found in handwriting:

'I will not date a woman until I've seen her handwriting,' says Baggett. 'I've wasted a lot of time and heartache on relationships that weren't right for me until I started using this tool.'

To find out if you and a potential lover may be compatible, you can complete a 'Lover's Compatibility Self-Test' on Baggett's website, www.myhandwriting.com. It will give you some basic compatibility traits, as well as the '10 Hell Traits' to watch out for in a person's handwriting. Baggett has also provided free book excerpts from 'The Secrets to Making Love Happen'.

This book is now available worldwide in a downloadable PDF format for just $10.

To make the skill of handwriting analysis available to busy people, Baggett created an easy to lean handwriting system called 'How Anyone Can Analyze Handwriting in 10 Minutes or Less!' (myhandwriting.com, $79.95) which has been a best seller.

'I have students around the world who are using this tool in their everyday lives, in personal and business relationships. Dozens are even making a full time income as professional analysts,' Baggett said. (http://www.handwritingexperts.com)

While the use of handwriting analysis is commonplace in Europe, it is just now becoming mainstream in the U.S. About 80 percent of French companies use it to screen prospective employees, while an estimated 8000 U.S. companies now use it as an evaluation tool.

'It's amazing that companies will pay headhunters thousands of dollars on finding the right vice president, but some people won't invest 80 bucks and 10 minutes to make sure they're choosing the right life-long partner,' Baggett adds.

Baggett suggest everyone take a few minutes to learn some of the key handwriting traits so that you can start looking for the perfect Valentine. For more information about handwriting analysis, training, or Bart Baggett's books, visit http://www.myhandwriting.com.


Mr. Baggett has just opened a training center in Bangalore India and is currently "on tour" in Australia, Singapore, and Taiwan spreading the benefits of handwriting analysis. You can read more about the Handwriting University online.