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Level 101
DVD/CD Handwriting Starter Kit.

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See and hear samples now.


You can purchase Level 101 for just $99.97 or get the totally online version for just $47.00.


Or, get both for just $99.97 and get the best of both worlds (limited time).

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Handwriting Analysis 101 Online Starter Kit
New! This starter kit course allows you to learn handwriting analysis from your computer via our new membership site or from your own home via the DVD/CD package!  The Handwriting Analysis 101 - Introduction to the Basic Traits includes the 101 book, 5 MOV file streaming seminar clips, downloadable emotional gauge, and the entire 101 book, read to you via the 3 hour Audio Book in Flash and MP3 format.

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101 Handwriting Analysis Freshman Online Course($47.00)

PRICE: $160.00 . Now just $47.00 
(no shipping / delivered to you 100% on-line)

101 Handwriting Analysis Starter Kit DVD/CD/book/Deck combo shipped to my door ($99.97)

PRICE: $160.00 99.97 (S&H apply, please allow 4-10 days shipping).

This package contains the following:

  • Two DVDs with five segments total
  • Grapho-Deck Flash Cards
  • Handwriting Analysis 101 Introduction to the Basic Traits
  • 3 Audio CDs of the 101 book with seminar highlights
  • Great value at under 100 bucks

Certification Certificate is issued only after successful completion of Level 301 written and verbal tests.)

Or, read about how to get both the shipped course and the online course for just $99.97 and get the best of both worlds (limited time offer. Instant access and shipped to your home.)

Level 301
Standard Certification Level Course. Certificate & Tests.

Levels 101 and 301 hard copy items shown in photo. Level 201 is all on-line and a bonus for new students.

If you own level 101, you can purchase Level 201 / 301 Certification Online course separately, either in hard copy or all online inside the membership area.

Full Standard Certification Home Study Course (New students) Retails at over $999. Special Price includes all of our most essential handwriting analysis products and a certificate upon your successful graduation.

This level contains, Change Your Life in 30 Days Grapho-Therapy Workbook for Kids, Change Your Life in 30 Days Grapho-Therapy Workbook for Adults, 21 tests for certification, Relationship book, Rich and Happy Book, seminar videos on DVD, and audio CDS, on-line access to 16 hours of training, tele-classes, access to online library, and complete tests and certification upon passing your tests... and much more!
(Click here for full product description and read all about it. Also view detailed photographs of program)


Now $999

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Want to save some money and pay zero shipping and handling? Consider watching, listening, and downloading the entire course online. New. Read more here.

Level 401
Professional Marketing Course and Affiliate Teaching Modules.

Level 401 (Marketing for Professionals)

Deluxe Course Shown in photo above.

Option One: Marketing Course Sold Separately: How To Make $100 Per Hour Analyzing Handwriting Marketing System included the 300+ page 3 Ring Binder of marketing tools, flyers, spreadsheets, and instructions. It also included full access to the Grapho-Web2.0 online written report generator and 5 Audio CDs. if you already own the 101,201,301 and a Silver or Gold Membership.

Retail $699.
Sale Price $599 if you sign up for the Marketing Mastermind Charter Member. Limited Time Offer

If you want to save even more mIney, join the membership site and access the 401 marketing course entirely online.

Read about the Handwriting Marketing System in detail here, online.

Option Two: Buy the 401 Marketing course bundled with the 101-301 course called the Deluxe Handwriting Course -- This Complete Deluxe Package includes the Standard Handwriting Analysis Certification Home Study Course and the How To Make $100 Per Hour Analyzing Handwriting Marketing System.
(Retail Value: $1547.00) This is the combination package for those who want to earn while you learn.
(This Deluxe course includes the Standard Levels 101-301 courses) and includes the 300+ page Marketing System, five CDs, and the Grapho-Web Handwriting Analysis Software, so you can create 8 page written analyses in minutes. You will earn your investment back the first year, or you get a complete refund! Guaranteed!

Add Deluxe Certification Level Course to my order for just $1299

Investment for New Millennium Edition Deluxe Course: $1547.00  
(plus s/h)

Level 501

Mastery Certification Course

Price: $1999
6 Payment Option Available.

Did you know there is a 10 payment option if you are also part of the Marketing Mastermind community and desire to become an Authorized Trainer in the next few years.

Click here for the 10 month payment option.


This course is the latest scholarly information relating to all kinds of "advanced trait stacking" which will expand your knowledge far beyond the basic traits and basic personality profiles. Because this course contains hard-to-find traits, controversial techniques, and even cutting edge "research" regarding health, mental fitness, and career profiling, this course is only for sale to "certified students" or students who are in the final stages of getting their "certification." This is course is also a necessary pre-requisite to become an Authorized Trainer for Handwriting University.

This course will fill in the gaps of knowledge, clear up any confusion, and explain in vivid detail any expectations and errors you might have been making using basic graphology principles. The concepts and strategies of stacking traits is so powerful that you will wonder how you ever analyzed writing without it.

20 + hours of seminar video! 26 Videos in all on 11 DVDS
Price: $2999. Sale Price is $1999 or 6 payments of $373.15
Read the full product description here

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Now, here are some of our best selling programs sold separately.
So, if you have any questions, just call our office and we will
configure a program just for you. 1-310 684-3489 / 1-800-398-2278

Private Consulting


bart baggett on tv

One-On-One Live Telephone consultation with Bart Baggett
(Career, Business, Personal, or Marketing.)

Now you can have one-on-one "private" coaching sessions with Bart Baggett. Sessions are 55 minute in length and recorded in mp3 format for you to listen to afterwards. You are encouraged to send in your handwriting sample and fill out the application before the first session so your time used in an effecient manner. You can ask ask personal or business questions during your time. Multiple sessions are available and we encourage you to book at least 2 weeks in advance. If you awriting a book or launching a business, you might want to consider a monthly meeting with Mr. Baggett in the form of a long-term career coaching agreement. When you that, Mr. Baggett becomes your "idea man" bringing you winning strategies, personal introductions, and specific tasks that can leverage your time and money. Visit this page for some long-term coaching options.

Retail Price: $1000 per 55 minute session.

RSVP Your Session
$1000.00 US dollars

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Book – Success Secrets of the Rich and Happy by Bart Baggett --

New! Bart Baggett's latest book reveals the psychological "Success Secrets of the Rich and Happy." It is available now in INSTANT DOWNLOAD from anywhere in the world with no shipping. 
This will be the most important book you read all year! Only $19.99 and includes a free audio bonus. Over 435 pages of NLP, handwriting, psychology, financial strategy, and so much more. Because this is an Instant download, you will be asked to check out on a special secure page. 

For more details, read all about it here.

You can order the paperback, the PDF version, the Amazon Kindle Version, or soon the Audio Book. If you order the PDF version, you can be reading it in the next 10 minutes (print it out or read it on-line).

(440 page paperback book)

order pdf download (PDF download file )

order pdf download
(Kindle format Sold Via

Flash Cards in Handwriting

Grapho-Deck Handwriting Flash Cards  


Grapho-Deck Handwriting Flash Cards



51 Easy-to-use instructional flash cards with separate personality traits illustrated on each card. Fun, simple, accurate and portable. This is Bart Baggett's all time best seller! Each deck of cards comes with a 40+ page instruction manual as a special bonus! This is a perfect companion to the Change Your Life Workbooks or the Success Secrets of the Rich and Happy.
(Click here for full product description)

PRICE: $15.95 each or 2 decks for $22.00
(See option when you check-out) (plus s/h)

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Short Book on Success and Goal Achievement

The Magic Question: How to Get What You Want in Half the Time

Amazon #1 Best Seller


magic question

Audio Book Included as a free bonus for all book buyers on this site.



91 reviews

This is a scientific based success methodology distilled down into its one easy and effective method. This simple method utilized your own self-talk to create a more powerful and effective internal dialogue.

The Magic Question might sound too good to be true, but it's based on sound brain science and advanced linguistics. Best of all... it's easy to read and filled with fun stories. It has nothing to do with more effort, visualization, or even goal-setting, but can serve to powerfully enhance any of those things. It's about shifting your mind in the direction of happiness, success, and optimism... using the power of one question a day.

PRICE: $2.99 for both the PDF file and Full Audio Book

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By Jamie Cohen 5 Stars
What if an author provided the missing piece to make the law of attraction work for you? This book brilliantly guides the reader through the art of asking the right questions in every area of your life. Author, Bart Baggett provides questions that re-frame your thinking about your finances, career, relationships and spirituality. The framework he has developed is backed by brain science over the past 60 years, as his references show.

I like how Mr. Baggett walks his talk. He provides specific and varied examples of how these same magic questions have transformed his life.

If you like books by Wayne Dyer, Louise Hays and Esther and Jerry Hicks, then this book is for you.


Online Courses
Download Instantly.

Dishonesty in Handwriting - Just released for the Brand New Handwriting Analysis Membership Site.

"Now, in just seconds, you can ABSOLUTELY spot a dishonest person without ever having to confront him in a bold-face lie... just look at their handwriting and they will never know you have the upper hand."

In this informative and well researched Special Report/Course (which also includes a mp3 class recording) the authors discuss strokes, traits, and combinations that a complete amateur can use and a 20-year veteran probably didn't already know. Much of these "traits" and "strokes" you might have seen before, but never knew they were connected to ethics or dishonesty.

Special $29 (add to cart)

Read about the course here !
(Click here for full product description)

Build A Career
Write Your Own Book

Get live coaching with other speakers, authors, and experts around the world in live tele-classes and webinars. Live meetings 2-3 a month. Limited numbers of spaces available. Ask to be placed on the waiting list of it is full this month.)

Read more about the Marketing Mastermind for Professional Handwriting Experts.

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(Charter member rate, only if spaces are still available.)

View the video presentation below for aspiring handwriting experts and authors of handwriting analysis books/ trainers.


There are 3 live events per month. If you are a professional speaker or author, this video presentation might explain the program using more of your industry language.






Read more about working
directly with Bart Baggett one-one-one

Register for the free video series
now about turning

your ideas and books into books, worldwide
seminars, and a new career ..


View the video presentation below for authors,speakers, and coaches as part of the Marketing Mastermind weekly program.

marketing mastermind

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(Charter member rate, only if spaces are still available. If no spaces are available, you will be added to the waiting list.)


Change Your Life


Adult Change Your Life In 30 Days Grapho-Therapy Workbook w/Instructional MP3.

Change Your Handwriting, Change Your Life. Reg...$29.95
(Click here for full product description)

PRICE: $ 24.95  (plus s/h)


Add Adult Grapho-Therapy Workbook & MP3 To Cart

***Adult book has been redesigned from inside and out. New versions are now shipping worldwide. If you do not have this cover on your book in your local campus, please report your distributor to our worldwide headquarters so he/ she can get current on the versions.


Kids Change Your Life In 30 Days Grapho-Therapy Workbook w/Instructional MP3.

Change Your Handwriting, Change Your Life for Kids. Reg...$29.95

PRICE: $ 24.95  (plus s/h)


buy now.

Click here to order the Kids workbook
& Audio MP3

This book recommended for kids ages 4- 11 instead of the adult workbook because the middle zone lines are larger and the questions are simple. The adult workbook is a journal with college rule lines and sophistated questions.

parents combo kid

Teacher/ Kids Kit
(Click here to read about the Kid's Workbook & Audio

MP3 Download and Special Teachers/Kid's Course)

*Order extra kids book at this discounted price of $17.50 as part of the Teacher's Kit. This is the best value. Save Over $30 if bought seperately. We recommend you order a Grapho-Deck with this course to easier explain the concepts to the children.

How to Cruise the World for Free Teaching Handwriting Analysis

Announcing, the first ever "lecture in a box" CD set of four, graphical PowerPoint presentations and Cruise Ship Agent's info pack, which walks any trained handwriting analyst step-by-step through the procedure to get booked as a lecturer on cruise ships worldwide. Plus, the cruise ships exchange your lecturing skill for your ticket! Read all about this great course for all handwriting analysts who like to speak to groups.

Arrives as two Computer CDs, includes all usage rights.

$197 per 2 Disc Set.

Double Your Income
Use hypnosis to increase your abundance thinking. You already know your thoughts are the basis of your reality and your goals achievement. This unique CD course uses time-line, NLP, and hypnosis to change your beliefs and find ways to double your income. Awesome program. Just $49.95. Co-written by Bart Baggett.

Double Your Income with Hypnosis

PRICE: $49.95  Read about the full description online here or just order it here.

Signature Makeover - Change Your Signature, Change your life --
Recorded with Australia's #1 Handwriting Expert

This new "autograph" course is a breakthrough from two of the world's leading handwriting experts from Australia and America. Discover slight changes in your signature, that can change your life.
Plus, this course is entirely downloadable, so you can get started right now!

Retail Price: $127
Your Online Digital Price: Just $10 (discounted price)
(Click here for full product description and view a sample flash video)

Offline Retail Price: $127.

Now just $37.00 online (This is online instant access.)
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Book – Handwriting Analysis Secrets of Love, Sex, and Relationships (also titled: Secrets to Making Love Happen - Mastering Your Relationships Using Handwriting Analysis & NLP)
304-page relationships book by Bart Baggett.

This is the most comprehensive handwriting/NLP book available, designed for a person to easily utilize these tools to improve their relationships or find their perfect mate. Includes a complete trait dictionary and lists the 10 hell traits. A classic, which is now sold in 17 countries, including China!
(Click here for full book description and read three free chapters)

PRICE: $15.95 $15.95304-page PDF version, too.
PDF version is available. The soft cover is no longer in print. It is being re-written for the 20th anniverssary re-release.

Or Buy downloadable PDF only $15.95 - download book using PDF Adobe Acrobat Reader.
Instant delivery just $15.95. Buy PDF version now.


other products written by Bart Baggett that are not just about handwriting analysis.

Stop Smoking with Hypnosis

Lose Weight Course using Hypnosis
and How to Write a Best Seller Writing & Publishing course for authors.

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