Annual Handwriting Analysis Conference in Dallas, Texas

June 23rd -June 25th, 2006

Be one of just 60 people who discover advanced never-before-taught psychological secrets revealed through handwriting.

Imagine learning, mingling, and dining with some of the top Handwriting Experts in the world at this year's International Conference.

Dear Fellow Handwriting Enthusiast,

This 3-Day conference will expand your knowledge of graphology, psychology and grapho-therapy at all levels. It is an event that will change your life and give you the ability to CHANGE OTHERS' lives through the advanced techniques you will only learn here.

You don't have to be certified or an experienced student to attend. Our doors are open to all levels. You will love every minute of it and the early enrollment bonus DVDs will get even the total novice up to speed.

We've never offered an event like this before. Our staff's emphasis is on "Advanced Handwriting Analysis" and "How People Change." Plus, we cover topics of special interest such as health, criminal tendencies, and even making extra money.

Imagine a total immersion in the entertaining and educational style of The Handwriting University Staff, Curt and Bart Baggett, and many other guest faculty speakers. You get to meet and learn directly from some of the world's most respected handwriting analysts, doctors, and therapists. We have gone out of our way to locate and invite the most brilliant minds to assist you in learning more about yourself and others.

Finally, a fully interactive Conference with lots of personal attention to take you to the next level.

All attendees get lots of one-on-one attention and tutoring from any of the 9+ Faculty Members Staff, and Guest Speakers. You will get your handwriting personally analyzed.

Susan Knoll
Valencia, CA

Learn Advanced Handwriting Analysis & Difficult Personalities.
Discover Easy Techniques to Earn Money at Handwriting Analysis.
Spot Criminal Tendencies.
Gain Insight about Health in Handwriting.
Learn to Spot Diseases in Handwriting Before the Medical Doctors Can.
Discover the Secret to Accurate Employee Screening & Placement.
Who Will Pay Their Rent on Time and Who Will be Late?
Learn Which Employee is Right for the Job Every Time.
Laugh Out Loud as You Learn about Yourself and Others.
Trait Stacking and Advanced Analysis
Analyze Block Printing
Gestalt Analysis, Margins, and Envelopes
And Finally, Qualify for an Advanced Certificate!

If you are like our past "live seminar attendees," this event will not only be the most FUN FILLED seminar you have ever attended, but you will walk away a changed person - having knowledge and insight into people that you can use the rest of your life to help people around you become happier and achieve more of their dreams. (Really, watch the testimonials...this event is more than a handwriting conference.)

Rita Gonzales
Santa Fe, NM

Our events contain more than just handwriting analysis - our faculty teaches therapy techniques, self-help tips, marketing for your business, business tips to make money, and modern psychology you won't read in any book. In fact, we asked the faculty to focus on things NOT found in other common handwriting books you will find at the major bookstores. You will leave knowing things very few other people know.

One of the most exciting events of last year's Annual Conference (DVD now available as an enrollment bonus if you get a ticket before the deadline) was the guest speakers and one-on-one attention given to each audience member by Handwriting's many extraordinary faculty members. These events were so well received, students from other parts of the country (and world) have begged us to come to their city in the coming years.

Some of your Guest Speakers and Faculty Professors

Want to meet the speakers via phone? We have been having PREVIEW seminars via telephone and still have more to come. Visit this page to listen to replays. Visit this page to listen live to the upcoming tele-class!

So, we are now officially taking Registrations for the next 3-DAY INTERNATIONAL HANDWRITING ANALYSIS SUMMIT. This will be the ONLY Conference in 2006... don't miss out. Late registrations will only be accepted if we have cancellations.

Mark your calendar, the dates are now all set in stone, seats are going fast.

June 23rd, 24th, 25th 2006
Dallas, TX USA

Friday Seminar (6/23: Noon - 7:00 pm)
Saturday seminar (6/24: 8:30 am - 7:00 pm)
Sunday seminar (6/25: 8:30 am - 4:00 pm)


We will only have room for 60 people. Reserve your seats early or you will miss out on this year's only 3-Day Conference. Buy your ticket today and save lots and lots of money for early registration. (Plus, get a $597 Free Bonus, if you beat the deadline.)

We like to keep these seminars small and intimate, and give you the opportunity to get on-stage with our Faculty and demonstrate your skills and/or ask lots of questions. You will learn something new, whether this is your first class ever or you've been studying psychology for 20 years. And, we are going to add lots of special surprises and breakout sessions with other guest speakers.

Guest Speakers and Special Topics - Even a few surprise speakers and topics.

Bart Baggett - As seen on CNN and Court TV. He will be your host.
Maryann Redhead - New Traits Not Found in the Original Graphodeck.
Don LeHew - Gestalt Analysis, Spacing, Margins, Envelopes.
Bob Baier - Making Money Doing Lectures.
Curt Baggett - Block Printing, Document Examination, Forgeries, and Children's Handwriting.
Barbara Judd- Special Analysis Tools & Charts.
Gina Branch - Accurate Employee Screening and Placement through Handwriting Analysis.
Teresa Deberry - Health in Handwriting.
Dr. Joe Alexander - Degenerative Diseases Spotted in Handwriting.
Deborah Faith Rose - Handwriting Analysis for Hypnotherapists.

And other surprises.

Listen to and watch real clients talk about how recent seminars
changed their lives!
Shetal (India)
Derrick Watkins
Jody & Chip
Denise Lacy
Anne Marie
Atul Rego (India)
Suni (India)
"This seminar has changed my life. It is the most efficient and effective method for personal development and for improving the quality of one's relationships."
Kim Radcliffe, Attorney and Mediator, Orlando, FL

Press above play key to watch video.

"If you're at the point where you want to change your life, this course is a must! You'll learn more about yourself and other people than you ever thought possible, and you'll make money in the process."
Jennifer Jeffcoat, Sales Rep, Orlando, Fl

"This course has been amazing! With a background in clinical research, my first reaction was to search for the evidence that this science is accurate. Upon investigation, biologically, handwriting analysis' validity makes perfect sense. Ultimately, my own personal improvement was all the proof I needed to change from skeptic to believer!"
Deborah Mraz Clinical Research Specialist, Wilmington, NC

"I have already seen and experienced wonderful changes through grapho-therapy. People at work now seek me out as an expert in my field, and I have had many recent offers to manage important projects. All this happened in about a month from first raising my t-bar!"
Diane McCafferty Engineer, Sandy Hook, CT

We will even have breakout bonus sessions for our enrolled Certification Level Students, Experts, and even Therapists.

What's more, we will be having special surprise guests with sessions specifically tailored to the EXPERIENCE LEVEL of you. Bart will even be revealing some of his "Million Dollar Marketing Secrets" to those who are enrolled into the DELUXE home study course and are dedicated to earning $100 per hour or more. Plus, more special sessions will be announced.

This course has helped me personally understand myself clearer and helps me see areas of my personality that need changing. I am fascinated with what makes a person act the way they do so this can give me great insight. I LOVE THIS COURSE! I believe it is totally worth the money. In fact, I believe you should charge more. You can't put a price on the information you present and the effects it can have on people."

Jody Miller, Sugarland, TX USA

Listen to comments by Jody & Chip

Bart Baggett, leading a handwriting analysis lecture with two seminar participants on-stage.

Dear Bart and Curtis,

Thank you. There is no way to fully express my gratitude for this seminar. I think it came at just the right time. I am very excited that I will be able to help people. I have finally found my niche.

Anyone considering taking this course, should stop considering it and DO IT! I'm thrilled in knowing I go home with so much more than ever before.

Kim Brown, Private Investigator
Hyde Park, Utah, USA

Hourly schedule will be announced soon.

So, what is your investment to be at this amazing life changing event?

This event is not cheap to put together. We have experts flying in from all over the USA to share with you their knowledge. Fortunately, Dallas,TX is one of the least expensive places to fly into from anywhere in the USA (since American Airlines is based there.) Most people have secured plane tickets for under $250 round trip.

We were told by top seminar consultants to charge at least $997 per person. Any less was simply giving this away too cheap. However, we realize many of our students have tight budgets. So, we are pricing the 3-Day Seminar at just $597... and we are including the big THICK seminar manual. But, early enrollment discounts will apply and you can save even more. Students enrolling at the seminar will be paying the "door price" of $597.

Enroll Before This Date
Ticket Price
At The Door

Where: Clarion Hotel Park Central
8102 LBJ Freeway, Dallas, TX 75251

Sleeping rooms available at group discounted rates. Approx $79. Double Occ.

When: June 23rd - June 25th
(Friday Noon - 7pm) Registration at 11:15am.
Sat (8:30am -7pm)
Sun (8:30am - 4pm)

Who: This seminar is open to all ages and all levels of experience, but it has an advanced tone. (We do recommend owning the BASIC 101 course or the Level 2 or 3 Courses, but not required. About 1/3 of the people enrolled are new to the science, so come one come all!)

Price includes admission to seminar for one adult and one seminar three-ring printed manual. No additional books, tapes, CDs, or Grapho-Decks are included with the seminar ticket price. We highly encourage you to be enrolled into the STANDARD or DELUXE Home Study Course to obtain maximum value and not get lost during advanced discussions. Guests and newcomers are welcome, but this seminar will have an "advanced" tone... so the more you study the basics, the more you will learn during the seminar.

Any questions, call one of us directly.

Maryann Redhead
Seminar Coordinator

Tel. 800-398-2278 or 1-310-684-3489

P.S. Can't attend but want the DVDs and CDs for your Ipod?

Are you unable to attend but really, really want to see every speaker and hear every word? If so, go ahead and pre-order the entire conference on DVD/ CD at 50% off the coming retail price.

This will sell for $597 or more when completed, edited, and packaged up in August... but if you are willing to order the Pre-Publication 2006 DVD/ CD Package now - you can pay only $299 and help us offset the thousands of dollars it is costing us to host the conference, pay the speakers, film, record, edit & package this new advanced home study course. This is a pre-conference offer only... order now if you are unable to attend.

Read some of the comments from recent attendees

Questions: Call Maryann Now at Tel. 800-398-2278

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