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1. D'Nealian Handwriting
... That's the feature that has made this handwriting method the favorite of teachers from coast to coast. All you do is add a few simple joining strokes (shown in red) and--presto--you're writing in D ...

2. Handwriting Analysis services for After-dinner speaking, corporate entertain...
... Everyone is curious to discover the meaning of the traits displayed in their own handwriting and this feature invariably commands rapt attention and peals of laughter. After a talk, the audience is ...

3. union labor life insurance
... s OneNote software, which is available for use on a desktop or laptop, but to use the handwriting feature you need a tablet pc. Using a tablet pc, you can take notes in your own handwriting and ...
http://union-labor-life-i ...ving.com/careone.html

4. Darwin Executive Guides - Personal Digital Assistant
... But a $700 price tag and a complicated handwriting recognition feature conspired to bury the Newton, and it wasnít until 1996, when U.S. Robotics (which was bought by 3Com in 1997) introduced the ...
http://guide.darwinmag.co ...hnology/personal/pda/

5. Chapter 8 - Development and Testing of an Electronic Screener: 1997 Field Ex...
... laptop. Also, we found that the Newton handwriting feature was not always reliable and user friendly; therefore, we made the option of entering numeric or alphabetic responses via a keypad or keyboard ...
http://www.drugabusestati ...nterview/chapter8.htm

6. PenPower Voice/Speech - Handwriting Recognition System (蒙恬...
... Handwriting Editing Correct mistakes through handwriting inputting feature. Intelligent Recognition Technology Recognize individual voice patterns to increase accuracy rate over time. Voice Command ...
http://www.twinbridge.com ...P VoiceWriter 504.htm

7. Redmond | Feature Article: The Power Inside
... MAGAZINE SUBSCRIPTION Home Features Article Feature SEND PRINT COMMENT Cover Story: The Power ... ... control their PC and to input information as handwriting or drawing. Several algorithms that enable ...
http://www.redmondmagazin ....asp?EditorialsID=517

8. Mobile Health Data | The Hand-held Health Care Authority
... The hospital expects to introduce nursing documentation software next year, at which time nurses may start using the handwriting recognition feature, Suess says. Lancaster General's Tablet PCs use ...
http://www.mobilehealthda ...cle.cfm?articleId=592

9. More about Ibook Modem Recognition Difficulties by Ipod Info...
... the new handwriting recognition feature of Mac OS X 10.2. The iMac ... for our onscene reports. iBook 14quot 700 MHzHow Fast Is It ... Great Deals On Ipods Great Selection of iPods at Fantastic ...
http://www.free4ipod.com/ ...ion_difficulties.html

10. SMART Press Releases, SMART launches new version of SMART Board software for...
... The handwriting recognition feature allows users to write by hand on the SMART Board interactive whiteboard and then convert it to text. The drag-and-drop feature allows users to move text or ...
http://www.smartboard.co. ...s/releases/macosx.asp

11. Technology News: Gaming : Nintendo Puts Handwriting on DS Wall
GAMING Nintendo Puts Handwriting on DS Wall E-Mail Article Print Version By Jennifer LeClaire TechNewsWorld 10/27/05 9:00 AM PT "[Nintendo's] DS is very feature-rich, but it takes time for the ...

12. Mi-Co ... Putting Handwriting to Work - Mi-Forms SDK
... Whether your requirement is to develop form-based applications for field associates to hit the road or to equip your software products with a unique digital handwriting feature, Mi-Forms SDK is the ...

13. Support - Natural Handwriting Input and Understanding Software from Meanders...
... days. Have a feature wish? Let us know. Knowledge Base FAQ |- Annotator for Microsoft Office (v1.5) |- Annotator for Microsoft Office (v1.0 - v1.2) News| Products| Use Scenarios| Download| Purchase ...

14. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
... of-hand. We like the name pretty much, also because it contains the Japanese character for hand, which is a nice allusion to Tejina's handwriting recognition feature. Installation What are the system ...

15. Chinese Voice and Handwriting Recognition System: Penpower Voice Writer
... Handwriting Editing: Correct mistakes through handwriting inputting feature, all the handwriting features. Intelligent Recognition Technology: Recognize individual voice patterns to increase accuracy ...
http://www.cgcmall.com/Pe ...eWriter_p/s00ppvw.htm

16. ACP Observer, September 2005 - Vista EHR: right product, right price?
... Slater said he discovered the software could access the computer's handwriting recognition feature. 'The innovators are going to pick this up and show us how it can work in a busy practice. Then the ...
http://www.acponline.org/ ...s/sep05/vista_ehr.htm

17. palmOne - Products - Glossary
... or an event description in Calendar. Find The feature that makes it easy to locate occurrences of a ... ... numerals and symbols resemble those in normal handwriting and are very easy to learn. Writing with ...

18. wisptis.exe Windows process - What is it?
... and then shut down the proccess Starts when the handwriting feature on msn is used. You can terminate it, but as soon as you hit the handwriting tab, it starts again. Martin Coded by Microsoft, don't ...
http://www.neuber.com/tas ...cess/wisptis.exe.html

19. Yookoso! Study Japanese language, Kanji; learn about Japanese travel, cultur...
... Similar to the jump feature, handwriting recognition may not have occurred to you. Well, this is just my personal preference, but I think having it is a great bonus. While it is true that you can ...
http://www.yookoso.com/pa ...ticles.php?file=jisho

20. What's New in Mobile Computing for Healthcare :: September 2003
... orders. Though the Pocket PC has proven effective for e-prescribing by using drop-down lists, traditionalists might prefer the handwriting feature of Tablet PCs. (Pocket PCs also have a handwriting ...
http://www.ppcmag.com/_ar ...mobile_healthcare.asp

21. Dr Anselm's Lotteryfun Forum
... the screen. It s a Speech Recognition and Handwriting Recognition Feature, but in Office XP, I'm not sure about Windows XP ! There is a link to "HOW TO: Turn Off the Speech Recognition and Handwriting ...
http://www.network54.com/ ...ast-1129571100/Help!!

22. StuffPlug-NG Welcome
... 7.5 Betas - [Split] Clickable URLs in display name - An Implement To The Handwriting Feature - Signin As Mobile Or Webmessenger - Window Open Notifier - Shorter Or No Wait Time For Nudges Your Site ...

23. Pay As You Go Orange Mobile Phones - Orange Pay As You Go Mobiles - Orange P...
... With it's handwriting recognition feature emails should be a breeze, unlike with other devices. The GPRS allows you to only pay for information you transfer as opposed to time you're connected. This ...
http://www.ukmobilesdirec ...nge_mobile_phones.php

24. Press and Media!
... com, Traffix, has unveiled a handwriting-analysis feature. But Traffix Vice President Dan Levine concedes it's more about entertainment than science: "We're not claiming that because of the way you ...
http://www.imatchup.com/a ...ressview.html?paID=26

http://software.shopping- ...t-pc_B0002DV9DM_i.htm

26. Tech News | software automated translation | Technology News and Media
... tech news Handwriting Recognition in Office XP This white paper provides an overview of the handwriting recognition feature of Microsoft Office XP. The handwriting recognition feature in Microsoft ...
http://www.news4web.com/s ...utomated-translation/

27. ãËËضÁªÜø°ÊÅØÔºöOffice XP Tool: Global IME (Japanese)
... If you have not installed a Global IME before, install the Speech or the Handwriting feature in the Office XP installation (Office Shared Features, Alternate User Input). If you are not running ...
http://www.microsoft.com/ ...9f3&displaylang=zh-cn

28. Handwriting Without Tears: Products
... Lowercase letters are taught first. Teaching pages feature large step-by-step illustrations and child-friendly language. Cursive Handwriting teaches easy techniques for connections and capitals ...

29. AndyNetworks :: Home
... exit MSN Messenger and open it again once you have installed the file to make the Handwriting feature available). If you have any further problems, feel free to Email me for help GMail Gmail ...

30. Ink Markup Language
... The markup allows for the input and processing of handwriting, gestures, sketches, music and other notational languages in Web-based (and non Web-based) applications. It provides a common format for ...