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1. India Abroad
... 1970. "Competence is needed to accurately identify handwriting and speed to ensure that the computers are economically viable." Recognizing Letters Apart from getting computers to recognize individual ...
http://www.cedar.buffalo. ...b_docs/article52.html

2. Zi Corporation's Decuma Japanese Handwriting Technology Selected for New Mot...
... capability that will allow them to significantly increase writing speed. "Zi is delighted that its Decuma Japanese handwriting recognition solution is a feature of the new FOMA M1000 smartphone ...

3. MegaSharp.com -- For Mobile Computing and Gaming
... them. After about twenty hours use, you should be up to handwriting speed (around 25 wpm). After another 20 hours you can expect getting to 30 - 40 words per minute. Generally, people top out at 35-55 ...

... com For students that have difficulty with handwriting (either speed or accuracy) Try Dictation: http://www.idictate.com Try having them speak their answers in Kidspiration: http://www.inspiration ...
http://www.champaignschoo ...er=./&file=sped/index

5. Endicia for Mac
... Automatic Address Verification Supports High-Speed Label Printers Interactive Shipping Log View ... ... Save Time No more licking stamps; no more handwriting addresses over and over again; no more ...

... Simplified Chinese platform. >>Explore how Speed EICQ works Features English-Chinese Full-text ... ... support Related Products... PenPower Jr Handwriting Our Price: $69.95 Add PenPower Mandarin ...

7. Foundation Handwriting NSW (Oxford) W42
... correct letter formation and joining correct letter size, slope and spacing leading to handwriting fluency, speed and accuracy. The book offers: clear page layout with appealing illustrations and the ...

8. Neoseeker hardware and technology news - video card - Hardware Reviews - Gam...
... off ATI's X1800XT's arrival. No one knows what speed the memory will be clocked at; this could be a ... ... in new ways. comments (0) Nintendo Licenses Handwriting Recognition Tools for DS - 10:56 AM (PST ...

9. Mi-Co ... Putting Handwriting to Work - Partners - Home
... simultaneously provides an electronic record, thereby combining the ease of use of paper with the speed and accuracy of electronics. HMS HMS Technologies, Inc. was founded in 2003 by Dr. Harry M ...

10. Ink Markup Language
... The markup allows for the input and processing of handwriting, gestures, sketches, music and other notational languages in Web-based (and non Web-based) applications. It provides a common format for ...

11. http://www.rocksforkids.com/FabFives/LongRangePlans5.htm
... Short stories ñ How the hm got its hm ñ or ñ Harris Burdick Mysteries Poetry ñ free choice Handwriting ñ Speed ñ Writing Derby Keyboarding Word Processing Note Taking - Point form notes for research ...

12. Astrology Courses and Astrology Classes - AstroDatabank.com presents this co...
... com Montclair, CA Correspondence courses in a wide variety of metaphysical topics including astrology, tarot and handwriting analysis. 30 lessons - printed, CD-ROM or e-mail. The Gilbert Navarro ...

13. Bilingual Babies - Columns
... I liked our teacher's handwriting and speed (she was Petter Solberg of the blackboard), but no matter how I tried to write quickly like the grownups did, it was pointless. Then, a few months later ...
http://www.bilingualbabie ...ticle.php?articleID=8

14. Data Conversion Services using High Speed Scanners and Convertors
... possible. Falcon Document Management supply high speed scanners from the range of Canon document ... ... improve the performance of bith optical and handwriting recognition software. Internet-Ready Images ...
http://www.falcondocument ....uk/documentscanners/

15. Fourth

16. EuroCool - Author: NOVASIB, LLC
... SILKYBOARD II KEY FEATURES It is faster than Graffiti handwriting: Speed is amazing While Graffiti is still available It is better than the Virtual Keyboard: Always ready-to-use Does not block the ...

17. Speed touch usb driver
speed touch usb driver vente de billards andrea figurines palm desktop 3.0 prise ethernet programme ... ... coco chanel kazaa 2.02 fr scanjet 4100c handwriting fonts palm m100 honda 750 cb jornada 928 wda ...

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19. Handwriting Wizard
... Print envelopes and receipts to eliminate handwriting, speed processing and reduce errors ... http://www.storefront.com/photo_counter.html 10. Chinese HandWriting 5x4 Tablet ... Post-In Note You can ...
http://www.expertdocument ...ry/handwritingwizard/

20. Library: Information & Technology

21. Untitled Document
... for each letter Teaches self-evaluation techniques for improving handwriting Increases handwriting speed and reduces mistakes The books cost $7.95 for less than 10 copies of 1 title, and $6.50 for ...

22. Heminway Park School - Computers
... Effective typing speeds should be faster than your handwriting speed. The average 6 th grader writes between 11 and 15 words a minute. So students need to set realistic goals for themselves and speed ...
http://www.heminwaypark.o ...tent/212/default.aspx

23. TabletPCReviewSpot.com Forums - Fujitsu
... Leaning toward T4010D T4010 after a few days- Refurbished Fujitsu Slates Opinions from T4010 owners Specific questions about the T4010 handwriting recognition speed.T4010 vs ST5020 T4010 and ST5020 ...
http://forum.tabletpcrevi ...ve/index.php?f-4.html

24. ICONZ Gaming Arena
... than a dial-up connection 24-hour permanent high-speed connection to the internet Use your telephone ... ... it has signed a licensing deal for its Decuma handwriting recognition technology with Japan's Nintendo ...

25. Teaching Ideas & Resources - TES - The Times Educational Supplement
... approach, combining emphasis on the sounds of words with the visual aspect and practising handwriting, can speed up learning * The gap between proficient spellers and those who are struggling widens ...
http://www.tes.co.uk/sear ...ory/?story_id=2142877

26. handwriting analysis - free-handwriting-analysis.com
... sites on handwriting and handwriting theory. Copyright free-handwriting-analysis.com - handwriting analysis reviews - We work by email request only email your questions Web hosting - Test site speed

27. ::::: CereSoft: FreeStyle Handwriting Recognition :::::
... read speed or throughput. FreeStyle uses multiple engines internally to achieve a throughput of more than 500 characters per second on a Pentium II machine. Back to the Top FreeStyle Handwriting ...

28. Occupational Therapy - Trinity College Dublin
... living in severely physically disabled people; 3) the measurement of school childrens handwriting speed; and 4) the effective impact on the juvenile justice system of the implementation of the ...
http://www.tcd.ie/Occupat ..._Therapy/pomahony.php

29. Tablets could be the best medicine - Computeract!ve
... Seriously, I can barely write: I am far too impatient a person to crawl along at handwriting speed when a Qwerty keyboard is my servant. I can type at 100 words a minute, or even faster if I don t ...

30. Write555.com
... Handwriting is taught in high speed practices. ---------------- COMMON PROBLEM WRITING AVOIDANCE ... ... computers has replaced many forms of handwriting. High speed writing is essential for note taking ...