Get Certified and Earn Money Using Handwriting Analysis:

Millennium Edition Deluxe Level Home Study Course
& Professional Business Development Kit

Includes: "Standard Certification Handwriting Analysis Home Study Course",
The Classic 16 hours of Audio Seminar on-line,
The new Millennium Edition DVD and Online Trainings.
the entire "How to Make $100 Per Hour Analyzing Handwriting Marketing System.

Photo of Deluxe PackageWhat if you want to go for the Whole Kit and Kaboodle? Not only do you get Trained, Certified, and all the Previously Never Before Marketing Secrets, but you get hours of on-line audio recordings and the brand new seminar videos to act as your in-home instructors.

Plus, you save money by purchasing the Marketing Course now, and can earn money by getting started now marketing your new skill.

The Deluxe Package is designed for those serious about making money! If you don't want to earn money, don't order it. All inclusive: Standard Certification Course and the Professional Marketing System.

How to Be a Highly Paid Hiring Consultant Through Handwriting Analysis.  

This new 2016 9 Part Video training course will train you to become a hiring consultant through advertising and personality screening process.

Earn $1400 per candidate you place.   


Students Comment


"Man oh man! This marketing course is SO...EXCELLENT!!!! This course is most definitely the work of a GENIUS and this boosts up my enthusiasm even more to study, get my certification so that I can be in business. I am totally hyped up on this course and I'm dying from total excitement at the thought of making more money from what I am learning from you..." --

Your devoted student,

Daniel Arola


Investment Summary:

Your Investment for the Deluxe Course is broken down as follows:

Total Value for Deluxe Package: $2,198.00

  • Special Discount if ordered during this month's promotion: (-$498.00)

Total Investment: $1,798.00

Total Deluxe Investment ***Only $1,798.00***
Item: DLX-Net Millennium Edition

We are now on a semester system. Therefore, your "live classes" might be next week or the next semester. Please contact your local authorized trainer for class schedule.


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