Can you give a 2 minute analysis live on the radio?

Here is an analysis of a morning radio show's handwriting and compare your skills at a verbal quickie with Bart Baggett's two minute analysis ...

Recently, I was faxed the sample below from a Radio Station on which I was being interviewed. This is not just a listener, this is the host.

Make a quick note of the top 4 -5 traits you can find in the above writing. Then, practice describing those traits VERBALLY, as if Matt were sitty right in front of you. Then, you can press play below and listen to how me, Bart , would give the 2 minute analysis as if he were live on the radio.

Handwriting Analysis Sample 100Matt

Listen to Bart's 2 Minute Analysis Here ---> Press Play

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Now remember, you don't have to have been on over 1600 radio & TV shows to give an accurate quick, spot-on quickie analysis. And, the art of the "Demonstration analysis" is really picking the most outstanding and unique personality traits within each handwriting trait which BLOWS them away. Don't try to pick out ALL the traits or describe the slant in detail, the clock is ticking. Pick the 2 or 3 traits nobody else could guess about that person becaus your mission is to Validate handwriting analysis and create more curiosity about your special skill. It is usually not possible to give meaningful therapeutic advice in 2 minutes, so use these little quickies as an opportunity to "Demonstrate" and "Amaze" skeptics and strangers. Then, when you have more time, you can change their live by offering grapho-therapy and an in-depth analysis.

This guy, Matt, has the most unusual t-bars and y-loops I saw that day. You may recall that the t-bar indicates how high someone's goals tend to be. In Matt's case, the t-bar doesn't even touch the stem. It flies way above the letter t. This indicates a tendency to be a "dreamer" and "oversell" his ideas.

As if Matt's goals are not in touch with reality. Luckily, Matt also has heavy handwriting (passion), long t-bars (enthusiasm) and the double cross star stroke on the letter t (persistence)...these traits will force him to achieve many of the goals other people consider unrealistic. Also, notice the long lower loops in the y's and g's...this indicates strong physical energy as well as strong sex drive. I guess you could say this guy really believes he could get a date with Pamela Anderson! Ha.

He has diplomacy and a huge sexual appetite.

Matt is a sharp guy, quick minded, and underlines his name (self-reliance) and his entire writing tilts uphill...meaning he's optimistic. I would hire him or bet on him...even though he is a dreamer.


Reader Mail: Willpower

Hi Mr. Baggett,

My name is Manish and I'm from India. Recently, I had the opportunity to purchase & read your book, "The Secrets to Making Love Happen" and after reading the book, I've become your greatest fan.  I've a query which I request you to please clarify.

In your book, you mentioned that crossing the t-bar with great pen pressure indicates a strong will power.  Sir, I've read in a book of Palmistry, written by Mr. Cheiro, that if a man has a flexible thumb, he has a weak will power and I think that the flexible thumb can't be made rigid and vice versa. So, my question is, "can my will power be made stronger by crossing the t-bar heavily [with more pen pressure?"


Your fan,



The truth is, when you put more pressure on your t-bar, you will increase all your emotions, both positive and negative, which includes will power.  Since it will affect all your emotions, I do not recommend that you do this.

Your handwriting reveals who you are and knowing that particular aspect of your personality puts you in a position to decide to change that which is not desirable.  Once you make that decision, you will begin to remove your fears and change behaviors like being more diligent and completing projects on time. 

I don’t think that making pen pressure heavy is the wisest methodology for increasing your will power.  Such is rarely recommended in grapho-therapy. 

The chapter “grapho-therapy” in my 456 page book “Success Secrets of the Rich and Happy” would be your best source for personal change.

Thanks for writing.


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