On-line Handwriting Trait Dictionary

A comprehensive guide to analyzing handwriting trait by trait.

...as found in Handwriting University's Certification Level Trait Dictionary and the back of the best selling book Handwriting Analysis Secrets of Love, Sex, and Relationships

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This Trait Dictionary is presented in 10 sections with the trait names for each section listed in alphabetical order. At the end of each section page, choose either the Next Section Link to view the next section of traits or return to this Trait Dictionary Index.

(In consideration of the time involved in loading graphic images, all trait examples will not be included here. For full graphics, please see the GraphoDeck Trait Cards or purchase the Certification Level Home Study Course)

This Trait Dictionary is an excerpt from the Handwriting Analysis Certification Home Study Course and related materials, by Bart A. Baggett. To receive the entire Trait Dictionary, order your complete course today.

Handwriting Trait Dictionary Index
Section 1:
Acquisitive -- Aggressiveness -- Ambivert -- Analytical Thinker -- Anti-Social -- Argumentative -- Attentive to Details -- Cautious
Section 2:
Comprehensive Thinker -- Concentration -- Cumulative Thinker -- Curious and Investigative -- Defiance -- Desire for Attention -- Desire for Culture -- Desire for More Physical Activity
Section 3:
Desire for Responsibility -- Diplomacy -- Directness -- Dominant -- Domineering -- Dual Personality -- Ego Strength
Section 4:
Emotionally Withdrawn -- Emotionally Responsive -- Enthusiasm -- Extravagant -- Fear of Success -- Fluidity of Thought
Section 5:
Frankness -- Generosity -- Goals -- High Self-Esteem -- Humor -- Imagination -- Independent Thinker -- Individualistic
Section 6:
Intuition -- Irritability -- Jealousy -- Likes Variety -- Lives for the Moment -- Low Self-Esteem -- Loyalty -- Lying
Section 7:
Manual Dexterity -- Needs A Challenge -- Optimism -- Organizational Ability -- Perfectionist -- Persistence -- Perversion
Section 8:
Physical Frustration -- Physically Experimental -- Positiveness -- Procrastination -- Pride and Dignity -- Resentment -- Sarcasm -- Secretive
Section 9:
Selective Listener -- Self-Castigation -- Self-Conscious -- Self-Control -- Self-Deceit -- Self-Reliance and Leadership -- Sensitive To Criticism -- Socially Selective
Section 10:
Stubborn -- Surface Thinker -- Talkative -- Temper -- Tenacity -- Too Many Irons in the Fire -- Will Power

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