Chapter 8, Page 2

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Chapter 8 Page 2

  • The Male Sex Drive
    Although handwriting does not reveal gender, we all know that men and women are different. Women often ask me if the sexual overtones I frequently see in female handwriting applies to men as well. The fact is they do apply. However, because of the difference in gender roles, the resulting behavior is often varied. Most gender differences are generalizations. Both you and I realize there are always exceptions to these sociological generalizations. However, they are useful to understand and you will benefit from hearing them.

    First, you need to understand the longer the lower zone letter extends, the stronger the physical drive. This drive is an energy drive. It is often transmuted into travel, exercise, sports, etc. However, in a man's writing the width of the loop relates more to the concept of trust and intimacy, rather than sexual imagination. The sad truth is, in general, men will have sex with women whether they have a strong sex drive or not. Some guys see sex as just something to do. In many a man's mind, having sex is not necessarily associated with the relationship/commitment realm of his life. This is why many men can have sex with no emotional attachment. On the other hand, most women get emotionally attached to men with whom they share sexual experiences. Or rather, women only share sexual experiences with men to whom they are emotionally attached. This difference is fundamental in understanding the role of sex in a relationship.

    In handwriting, you can't necessarily tell if a man is easy by the size of his y, g, or j-loop. Therefore the loop will simply tell whether or not he needs sex bad enough to hunt for it! Since the length of the lower loops are energy, you can predict the amount of drive he possesses. This drive is very important in his career. The longer the lower zone descenders are, the more driven a man will be toward success. The bigger the loops, the more imagination. The correlation is high between sex and a physical imagination. As men get older, they tend to transmute that drive into career-oriented activities, while older women tend to keep that drive in the physical and romantic realm. (Of course, entrepreneurial women have the same traits as entrepreneurial men: long descenders, high t-bars, enthusiasm, and a tendency for independence.) The lower zone letters signify the same thing in men's and women's handwriting. However, gender generalities can be helpful. Your interpretation of the outcome of these desires should be considered along with the general tendencies and differences of each gender.

    One generality about men is that many have a fear of intimacy. Women complain that men don't express their emotions or are afraid of commitment. There is truth to this generalization. When men were little boys, they were encouraged to be masculine. Don't cry. Don't whine. Don't hold other boys' hands. Little boys are programmed to be very different than little girls. Little girls were given permission to cry, to be weak, to be vulnerable, to hold hands, to express their emotions. These programs help mold a little girl into a feminine woman.

    In handwriting, one can see these tendencies reveal themselves in a man's handwriting. Many men press very hard onto the paper. This intensity of emotion is like a sponge. It absorbs but doesn't express. Likewise, many men adopt printing instead of cursive handwriting. Cursive reveals the subconscious mind easier than printing. If a man needs barriers or has a fear of intimacy, he might choose to print as yet one more barrier to the outside world. When studying intimacy, always evaluate the lower loops. Although men who only print may be good mates, the signs will not be as easy to read.

    The reason I mention these tendencies in each gender is because they are such frequently-asked questions. The answers about printing, cursive, and depth of feeling are generalities. I hope you can use them to understand the two genders. However, evaluate each person separately. No general tendency applies to all people.

    Another important point about people's huge lower loops is that these people have two speeds: full speed and stop. Because their imagination makes everything bigger than life, they blow everything out of proportion. I had a girlfriend with these huge lower loops. What I noticed more than the quality of the sex was the pain and anxiety she created over the smallest of incidents. To get perspective on any story she told me I simply took her story and divided it by three. (I could have used the square root formula, but I needed a calculator!) This simple formula brought any situation into the realm of reality. So, when she had a reason to be angry, I divided the cause by three and solved the problem. To be honest, I enjoyed her big y's when it had to do with sex, but not when it had to do with her jealousy and insecurities.

    I do my best not to make judgement calls on morality choices. Yet the simple plain truth is: there are men and women who really just want to have a one-night sexual encounter. As you know by now, that is not what this book is about. If you want to target those men and women using the knowledge in this book, go ahead. The reason I say go ahead is if the traits in a person's handwriting reveal that they will behave in a certain manner, then they will find a person to fulfill those desires, whether it is you or someone else. I hope that you will use the knowledge in this book to evaluate your own needs and search for the person who fulfills most of them in a healthy, mutually-satisfying way.

    Y Chart

    The Attraction Factor
    People are attracted to people who satisfy their needs. This is not always what they say they want, or even what is good for them. That was a bitter pill for me to swallow because it took me many misunderstood rejections to learn this lesson.

    I remember a particularly confusing time in my life when I couldn't seem to find a woman to date. It didn't make sense because I felt really good about myself, others really liked me, and I was just as successful as any other time in my life. I had these positive qualities and wondered why the women I was attracted to didn't appreciate those qualities. At the time, I had the stupid idea that all women wanted an attractive, intelligent, sincere man who was a gentleman and treated her with kindness and respect. Likewise, I thought all men would love to date a sweet, charming, sincere, and beautiful woman. I couldn't have been farther from the truth.

    Through a series of experiences with very physically attractive women possessing a variety of personality make-ups, I realized where my thinking had gone astray.

    Many people say they want sincerity, kindness, and respect. But what they really need is someone to put them down, try to control them, manipulate , argue, and generally mistreat them. Why would anyone like this type of behavior? They don't like it, their personality needs it.

    I used to believe that people want to be happy. Therefore they seek out things that make them happy. I was wrong. People want to be comfortable. That comfort zone varies but it often includes pain and unhappiness. In the case of the mistreated woman, she subconsciously believes she deserves to be mistreated. When a nice guy treats her with respect, she gets bored and finds someone who will treat her with the same respect she has for herself.

    How many people do you know who constantly seek out the same type of partner as the last one? Many women seek out the rough-guy type who hurts them over and over. They get the same guy with a different name, every time. What this taught me was that these women were attracted to those guys who fit their profile. Hence, when I didn't fall into their predetermined profile, I didn't feel rejected. I just didn't fit their needs.

    I used to overlook the shy, quiet, gentle girls who might have made terrific girlfriends. Instead, I ended up with the spunky sarcastic tornado women who blew into my life and blew out. That is not what I thought I wanted. I thought I wanted a steady relationship. But, in reality, it fit my lifestyle at the time. Subconsciously, I needed the excitement, challenge, and fun-loving spirit more than I needed the stability a calm relationship would bring. You should be aware of what you or a potential partner really needs. The following true story is a perfect illustration of how a person's subconscious needs reveal themselves into reality while completely ignoring what is good for her.


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