bart baggett

Author / Speaker / Handwriting Expert

Interview Questions for Radio and TV Interviews


Intro / Credibility

  • You've been doing this since you were just 14 years old. How did you get started?
  • What can someone's handwriting REALLY reveal about their character
  • Are businesses really screening employees based on their handwriting?

  • Are teachers and schools embracing this idea? Tell us about school teachers teaching their students to write with the new "better" alphabet you recommend!

  • You've been on over 1500 TV and Radio shows and met dozens of celebrities and even criminals; who has had the most interesting person you have ever met?
  • You have met two billionaires and looked at their handwriting. Any traits we can learn to become a billionaire?

Spice and Controversy

  • Do you really look at a woman's handwriting BEFORE you ask her out?
  • What are the 5 Hell Traits in handwriting to avoid at all costs? Describe them for our audience.

  • What are three traits normally found in a jerk's handwriting?

  • How do you spot a liar by just the letter O ?

  • Can you really spot a nymphomaniac from one letter? Describe it for those listening at home.

Making a Difference

  • What's the easiest way to raise your child's self-image and confidence?
  • What letter reveals someone is paranoid?

  • You changed your handwriting when you were just 14 and you claim it changed your life. Why?

  • Does your handwriting change over time? What does that mean?

  • What is the biggest benefit for the average person to learn handwriting analysis?


  • Did you ever date someone even though her handwriting warned you not to?
  • Do you analyze everyone's writing that you meet?

  • What does REALLY SLOPPY writing mean?

Celebrity / Stuff in the News

  • What did OJ Simpson's and the UniBomber's writing have in common?
  • Does President George Bush's writing say anything we don't already know?

  • What do most serial killers' handwriting look like?


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