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Chapter 1.

"Great spirits have always encountered violent
opposition from mediocre minds."
...Albert Einstein

  • Your Secret Weapon: Handwriting

    If you had a secret weapon that allowed you to see inside the enemy's headquarters to see all their files, documents, and war plans, would your chances for winning be improved? Absolutely. We aren't at war, but we do have a secret weapon to win over the heart of the one you want. It is the science of handwriting analysis.

    If you were ever curious why handwriting reveals so much about a person, just ask a baby. Did you ever wonder how a baby knows to smile when she is happy or pout when she is sad? A baby knows how to smile naturally. Just like crying is a natural reaction to being uncomfortable. She is born with that instinct. If you think about the essence of a smile, a cry, or a pout, you realize these are simply neurological reactions to a specific emotion. Across all cultures, a baby's smile signifies the same thing. Therefore, the link between a person's psychological state of mind and his muscular reactions exists beyond any doubt. Over centuries, muscular reactions to emotions have been categorized and become more specific. From the smile to the very useful skill of reading a person's body language, man has improved on learning about the mind from the body. Handwriting is a definite expression of muscular motions that was often overlooked as a tool for understanding personality. But, when you think about it, you realize handwriting contains the same minute specific muscle contractions and expansions as a baby's smile. So, with the help of research scientists, handwriting reveals to us much more than the feelings of happiness or sadness.

    Since you will use handwriting to create rapport with new friends and understand their personalities at a deep level, it will help you to have an understanding of why handwriting reveals so much pertinent information about a person. A person's subconscious mind dictates the way he writes. This writing reveals various aspects of the subconscious mind. Cursive handwriting is the preferred method of writing because of the consistent use of upstrokes. Upstrokes in handwriting represent the subconscious mind, while the downstrokes yield information stemming from the conscious mind. Since the subconscious contains such important information, we need to take special note of the upstrokes in handwriting. Therefore, analyze cursive handwriting when it is available. However, if only printing is available, analyze it. The personality will still reveal itself in each stroke of the pen. One of the most common questions I am asked is, "What does it mean if I always print, I don't write cursive?" Since we evaluate character on a stroke-by-stroke method, I need to look at one's individual handwriting to give an in-depth answer. However, because upstrokes, found mostly in cursive, reveal subconscious thoughts, it is fair to answer that question about printing with the following: "People who always print tend to put up barriers so others cannot easily see who they really are." From that general basis, look at the individual strokes.

    It makes no difference whether the writer is male, female, Italian, French, Russian, right or left handed. The handwriting never lies. In all honesty, I have been wrong about someone's handwriting before. When I was learning I made mistakes. The mistakes I made in my character analysis were always a result of overlooking some aspect of the handwriting. In my experience, the handwriting has never been wrong.

    Everything you learn about handwriting will apply equally to men or women, regardless of race, culture, or even language. This book is designed with both sexes in mind. Don't be surprised if a member of the opposite sex is analyzing your handwriting, checking you out, too!

    Handwriting analysis is one of the most non-discriminatory tools available. It cannot deduce race, gender, culture, age, etc. That is one reason it is widely accepted in the corporate business world. However, you and I are going to use it for interpersonal relationships. After all, if it is good enough for multi-billion dollar companies to use it to evaluate prospective executives, it is good enough to choose your next date.

    Research scientists have categorized neuro-muscular movement tendencies as they are correlated with specific observable personality traits. These personality traits have been categorized and labeled (human behavior patterns and thinking patterns). Each personality trait is represented by a neurological brain pattern and each person who has a particular personality trait shares a common human neuro-mechanical micro-movement tendency. These tendencies reveal themselves in muscular movements such as body language, thought processes, and handwriting. In a nutshell, this is the science of neuro-analysis. See the appendix for further in-depth explanations and summaries of statistical clinical research on neuro-analysis.

    Handwriting is actually brain writing. It is an expression of small electrical impulses from the brain to the hand. A thought, a movement, even a feeling is a result of such electrical impulses dictated from the brain. Knowing this simplifies the process of understanding how an electrical neuro-muscular activity like handwriting could hold the secrets to many of the associated elements of our personality. Some people do not understand how we know which movements or strokes represent which corresponding characteristics of the persona. How did we put a man on the moon? Research and testing, research and testing.

    Handwriting analysis dates back to the Roman Empire. However, the modern form of handwriting analysis dates back over 200 years. Researchers have tested each theory and deduced a specific scientific basis for interpreting personality from handwriting. Now it is so accurate, you can study just the basics and know a person better than if you had known him for years. I will explain the basic handwriting traits in a simple and visual format. I understand how boring some technical writing can be. This is why I don't write in a boring fashion. Instead, you will notice that my writing style is more enjoyable because I chose a loose but professional style packed with humor, sarcasm, and good juicy stories!

    Psychological research has exhaustively categorized personality traits into easily identifiable strokes in the handwriting. I have presented these in a simple easy-to-learn format. All you have to do is enjoy the stories I tell and look for the corresponding specific strokes in the handwriting. But again, don't take my word for it. Prove it for yourself. Einstein said, "Ultimately, all development is self-development." Until you see it for yourself, you have a right to question it. So, pay attention and get ready to learn what may be one of the most valuable tools you will ever possess.

    Human beings are much like the classic impressionistic paintings by Monet. From a distance, we see all the beauty of the subject captured so perfectly in brilliant color. We love the whole picture. As we walk closer, we realize that it is made of individual strokes of the brush. If you stand right next to the painting, all you can see is dots of color scattered in every direction. As we back away, the thousands of small dots blend to create a dynamic, clear portrait.

    Analyzing personality through handwriting is much the same way as viewing a Monet painting. It is easy to look at just the individual strokes of the pen and get lost in the myriad of meaning. But as you complete the picture and put all the strokes in their proper place, the entire painting of the person comes out to look as interesting as piece of classic art.

    Handwriting simplifies the personality into individual traits identifiable in specific handwriting strokes. The Trait Dictionary and the Grapho-Deck® (see Appendix) give great examples of individual strokes in handwriting. People are obviously more complex than their individual traits. However, it is incredibly valuable to understand the specific traits. Afterwards, you will learn how they fit together to create a complex personality. When you look at someone's face, you can see the eyes, nose, and mouth. But, it is the way these are put together that makes each face unique. The same is true about a personality. Eventually, you will be able to paint a picture in your mind of a person's personality just by looking at his/her handwriting. All you have to do is ask yourself how each individual trait affects the other characteristics. It might be helpful to understand a little of the overall psychology behind each stroke's meaning. This is not difficult to learn and will aid in the accuracy of your analysis. This book will give you the necessary psychology.

    Research indicates that as much as fifty-eight percent of all communication is non-verbal. This means you perceive reality through other means than the words someone chooses to speak. Such avenues of communication include body position, voice tonality, eye movement, breathing patterns, and even hand gestures. Your subconscious recognizes these signals whether you are consciously aware of them or not. Handwriting analysis takes body language many steps farther. Your handwriting reveals your exact state and mood at the moment it is written, much like your personality being frozen on the paper. Some say it is an advanced form of body language on a micro-scale. You will be surprised to find it is so accurate.

    This book is not about just handwriting analysis. It's about people, human behavior, you and me, relationships, emotions, fears, defenses, motivations, and even sex. But the real topic of this book is choices. That's right, choices. When you finish reading this book, you will realize that you have the choice of who to date, with whom you spend money, love, and time ... and who to marry. It is completely up to you. And the formula for picking that ideal mate is as clear as the writing on the wall. The tools you need are in this book. Once you have finished reading it, the fun part begins... doing it!



  • The Grapho-Deck -- The Flash Cards of Handwriting Analysis. Use them to instantly analyze handwriting wherever you go. Easy to understand trait definitions make them a great learning tool.


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