The ultimate relationship book that teaches you to use handwriting analysis in your love life!

Handwriting Analysis for
Finding Fulfilling & Loving Relationships
by Bart Baggett

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Take Control of Your Love Life---Now!

Empower Your Relationships Using Handwriting Analysis and NLP!

Here are the solutions to the single person's biggest problems--Making love happen in a fulfilling relationship. If you've ever suffered from a love-deficiency, this book is for you. Discover how to choose someone who's really compatible and quit wasting your time. Learn where to find a mate--and how to attract that perfect partner.

It's not just a book about handwriting and neuro-linguistic programming, it's a guide to dating in the new millennium using the techniques to select, understand and influence prospective lovers.

Bart Baggett is a master at simplifying these sometimes complex topics into easy-to-understand language and humorous stories. The Secrets to Finding Fulfilling & Loving Relationships is written in such a relaxed yet riveting format,
it's easy to forget the book is discussing proven scientific techniques.

Read it today, start new connections tonight--it's that effective. Any person not happily married or with the love of their life can benefit immediately from these secrets. Essential for singles and useful for couples. Contains all 70 basic handwriting traits.

Anne Veres
No longer attracted to losers!

Norm Springer
Creates instant repore with handwriting analysis!

Students Comment

"It's one of the best books I've read! It's clear, it's useful, it's entertaining too! I've read it three times."

- Arthur Cronos, Sausalito, CA

Students Comment

" Because of your book "The Secrets of Making Love Happen" I have fallen in love with handwriting analysis, and that is a relationship I truly value. I am definitely interested in becoming a certified Handwriting Analyst "

- Taymerz Zendaki - United Arab Emirates

Students Comment

"I think your book is great! I have read it once and am half-way through again! I am so inspired with this new tool for reading and understanding people."

- Sharon Springs, Dallas, TX

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What you'll discover inside this break through book...

  • The 3-step process for turning a total stranger into the state of 4
  • How to discover if someone's values in life are compatible with your own using 3 simple 32
  • A five-minute technique to overcome your shyness and taste unstoppable 100
  • Would you date Bill Clinton? A five star compatibility rating and 221
  • Nine personality hell traits you should avoid at all costs---easy to spot in 191
  • Discover if a guy is into long-term relationships or is just looking for a short-term thrill by asking him one trick 243
  • Insights into a person's sexuality, trust issues, and sex drive. 153
  • How to create dynamic emotional chemistry using body 122
Students Comment

"I purchased your 'Secrets' book a few months ago and it has really changed my life. I went from being a re-actor to one who acts. Instead of waiting for someone to rub me the wrong way or to find out that woman is really tough on guys, I analyze her handwriting and find out the answers for myself.

"I'm so good now that I can analyze signatures! Granted this method doesn't yield 100% accuracy but it sure gives a good impression/perception of someone I wish to know better.

"Recently, I analyzed the handwriting of a previous intern where I work. He didn't believe I could tell anything. Sure enough he had a high self-esteem, healthy-ego and a perverted sex drive. He insisted that I said those things because I 'knew' him. Ironically, he proceeded to rip up the sample and throw it away! I knew right then and there that he really believed me - at least his subconscious mind did. So, when he was gone I retrieved the sample and taped it back together for further study.

"Lastly, there is a prospective intern that wrote me a fax. I analyzed her signature and I found the jealousy trait, a stinger and a huge lying loop! I shouldn't go near her... but if I do, I'm prepared.

"Thanks again Bart. Your effective tool for figuring people out is a blessing in disguise."

---Derek Gillespie

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Why is Everyone Recommending You Read Handwriting Analysis of Love, Sex, and Relationships 304 page book. ?

It is a book about life. Your life. Love, trust, friendship, sex, laughter, fear, loss, anger, sadness, contribution, and, of course, romance. After you read this book, you will never look at relationships the same way ever again. In fact, you will have more confidence, certainty, passion, and information than ever before. The information has transformed my life in countless ways. If you're like me, this book will literally change and improve the way you relate to others.

The Secrets to Making Love Happen! by Bart A. Baggett
304 pages -
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Photo of book cover

1998-2004 book cover. See new cover and title above. The title and cover has changed, the contents have been updated for 2015. Still a classic.

2015 book cover with new title, now available in the USA, China, Australia, and India.

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Available in India via Sterling Publishers International, New Delhi.

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